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'Crystal' Acrylic Glassware, Melamine Tableware - Merritt Int'l
Acrylic glassware 'Rainbow Crystal,' 'Rainbow Diamond,' 'Rainbow Prism,' and 'Rainbow Swirl' by Merritt International is unbreakable, which is where its resemblance to plastic ends! There is no plastic odor. Breathtaking rainbow hues and crystal-like prisms at the bottom of the 'glass', gives them a true 'crystal glass' look, from the Rainbow collection by Merritt International. Purchase single, or as a set. BPA safe.

ACRYLIC A molded plastic with great clarity and transparency. This plastic is a good substitute for glass. Acrylic will not yellow and the colors are weather and sunlight resistant. Although it resists most chemicals found in normal use, dishwasher rinse agents and heat can cause cracking and crazing (hairline cracks) along the sides of the tumblers.

This item rinses out easily by hand due to the ultra smooth finish; dishwasher is not recommended to preserve the "rainbow" colors.

MELAMINE is a very durable molded material made by adding an extra molecule to the family of plastics with good heat resistance. Its hard surfaces can withstand most scratching from metal utensils. Melamine is dishwasher safe. Melamine tableware looks like china or pottery, but is unbreakable, and perfect for all your garden and patio outdoor entertaining and personal use!

Natural Placemats - Hand wash placemats carefully with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not leave outside - store indoors after placemats have been cleaned.

Entertain elegantly, inside and out!